Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final PLN Report

For my PLN i used iGoogle and Blogger. I use iGoogle to show me updates on the teachers that I follow. I usually follow the following blogs:

Cooperative Catalyst
Mr. Michael Kaechele's blog
Mr. McClung's World
EDM 310 Class Blog

I also use my Facebook account to keep up with some of the other students in the class and exchange ideas with them. I tried using my Delicious, but I found that I prefer using Google Chrome and iGoogle to keep track of my links and updates. I am always looking for other blogs to look up and keep up with I've found that many blogs (some not even educationally related) have some great ideas for the classroom.

Final Project #16

Final Project #16 Link

In this Project I worked with Lynn Ellis to create a blog that would show a lessons and how any special needs students should be accommodated for each lesson.

C4K Comment Summary

In this blog they posted that their blog was one year old. I commented stating that it is impressive to have a class using a blog for more than a year. Most blogs don’t last long and to be consistent with using and updating a blog to keep it up is commendable.

In this post they made a video of a class learning a dance for an event that they are having. I commented saying that it take a lot of cooperation to have a whole class learn that dance and that I hope to have a class show that much cooperation in my career.

C4K #10
On this blog Brooklynn Posted a movie she made on her own. I commented stating that it was very interesting that she learned how to make a movie at such a young age.

C4K #11
On this blog Alexis made a post on her classes pumpkin project. I commented saying that this was a very interesting project and that I would have never thought of doing that for an assignment.

C4T Comment Summary

My teacher this time war Mr. David Warlick and in his first post he posted his reactions to some statistics the he saw on twitter. He saw that one of the statistics stated that “We have 3 crises; declining fical revenues, mounting teacher shortages, and increased global demand for a skilled workforce”. I commented on his post stating that as a teacher we need to prepare ourselves for a new generation of student by learning how to incorporate technology in to lessons.

In his second post that I commented on he was working on a project to find his family heritage. While reading this I commented on if you were to use you own heritage in a lesson, that it would make a stronger impact it would have on the students and keep them interested.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Post #13

Alex is the Alabama Learning Exchange. Their moto is : Quality for ever facet of learning. Its where teachers can find lesson plans that other teachers used before them as well as being able to find resources that can be used to create their own lesson plans.

I think that this is very important for teachers to share their lesson with each other. This allows new teachers to be able to learn how to make lesson plans and learn from other teachers worldwide.

ACCESS is the Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide. They state that that the provide classroom courses and teachers via technology. This is a place where high school students can go to take college level courses.

This allows high school student to experience what class are like in college and doing so can help prevent students from dropping out of school. As a teacher this should be made known to your students that things like this are available to them.

Project #15 Multimedia Project

In my project I will be covering inclusion in the classroom, what teachers need to do to accommodate special needs students, and what some of the more common learning disabilities that affect students in the classroom.

Special Education in the classroom

Special Education in the classroom is very important to allow students with disabilities an equal education just like any other student has. Every student with disabilities is affected in a different way, some may not require major accommodations, but some are affected in a very severe way where the will need printed notes, extra time on tests and assignments, and use of a calculator where they are not normally allowed.

One of the steps that schools are taking to help improve the environment for learning disabled students is Inclusion. Inclusion is the educational practice of educating children with disabilities in classrooms with children without disabilities. This allows the special needs student to fully participate in a general education class while being able to still receive accommodations.

There are many disabilities that affect student in the classroom. Many of which are legitimate medical disorders. There are many disorders that affect students I could not be able to cover them all but I will cover the more common disorders. The major dis orders are ADHD, Bipolar Syndrome, Down's Syndrome, and last but defiantly not least Speech and Hearing disorders.


ADHD affects many student and is by far one of the more common disabilities found in the school system. ADHD affects students in different ways, but the most common symptoms are attention problems, over-activity, and impulsivity. In order to keep a student with ADHD a teacher must keep the student interested in the lesson. The accommodations that they will need are printed notes, use of a calculator, and extra time on tests. The severity disability varies from person to person.

Bipolar Syndrome

Bipolar disorder involves periods of excitability (mania) alternating
with periods of depression. These changes in mood can happen very quickly. As a teacher the best way to help these students is to keep the environment relatively low stress. Different mood can changes what accommodations they require, but for the most part they require the came accommodations that a student with ADHD needs.

Down's Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality and probably the most common genetic condition, occurs in approximately one in every eight hundred to one thousand live births or accounts for approximately 5-6 per cent of intellectual retardation. One of the best ways to help a student suffering from Down's Syndrome is to put them in to inclusion. Another thing that should be done as a teacher it to be aware that even though they do classify as mildly retarded that a teacher should always strive to teach the student with the intention of having them learn as much as any other student.

Speech and Hearing

The last but not least is the speech and hearing disorders. Most people don't know that speech and hearing disorders do classify as learning disabilities. A student with a hearing disorder is just as deserving of accommodations as any other student with disabilities. As a teacher you must be willing to give these students the accommodations that they need.

Final Conclusion

The best way to help better the learning experience of these students is to encourage your school to use inclusion in the school. Many students these days are put in to classes where they are denied the learning experience that every other student is allowed to have. Every student with a disability has their own special needs and that must be accommodated.